who we are

the beginning

this fluid world was founded in 2009 because of our belief that success in the 21st century would require a fluid understanding of business, fluid strategies, and organisations able to act in a fluid way in order to excel in a constantly changing business environment. since then we have worked on groundbreaking projects, and created the foundation of a business in which many global brands are placing their trust

the fluid network

one of the founding principles of this fluid world is the need to agnostically, and regardless of bias and preference, continuously monitor the external and internal environment, identify what is relevant to an industry and to organisations, understand the implications and act appropriately

to power this we tap into the fluid network, a constantly evolving human knowledge bank made up of senior experts in their fields. the thought contributors are from academic institutions and organisations across industries, brands and functions, all motivated by acquiring the necessary knowledge to understand the changes we are facing, and by finding solutions to the complex business problems we are facing today

liri andersson

at the heart of this fluid world is liri andersson. liri’s experience spreads across nations, industries, brands, business problems, and disciplines. her contribution in the area of strategy, innovation, marketing and organisational management is a testament to the breadth of her experience, talent and energy

liri was born in Albania to Swiss and French parents, grew up in Sweden, studied in Ireland and Spain, before working in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the US, and now London. with a ’round-the-world-ticket’ upbringing, four fluent languages under her belt, and an intuitive understanding of cultures and people, she was destined to work in international business

liri is experienced in a broad range of industries where her work has proven invaluable to the many global brands she has worked with over the past 20 years, including: Bacardi, General Mills, Nestlé, Danone, GSK, Cisco, Yahoo!, WPP, Ogilvy, and MediaCom. the positive impact she has on the brands she collaborates with shows an unparalleled understanding of a global and challenging business environment, the increasingly demanding needs and changing behaviours of customers, the mechanics of large and complex organisations, and the requirements for successful change management

liri’s 360° thinking and experience, in addition to her unique ability to merge solid strategic thinking with effective operational execution, means she brings an entirely innovative perspective and fresh solutions to the challenges she faces when charged to enable commercial and organisational success

liri holds an MBA specialising in Strategy and Management, and a BA in Marketing. she spent time researching disruptive technologies at INSEAD, and is a guest lecturer, among other academic insinuations, at INSEAD’S prestigious executive business programme.