advising a major food company on their long term communications plan

what our client was looking to do

our client wanted to improve the communications department’s understanding of business and marketing trends, and areas of opportunities affecting communications prior to defining the organisation’s Long Term Communications Plan

what we did

to ensure a powerful and actionable Long Term Plan this fluid world did the following:

  • analysed the communications process and plans for the last two years to understand the vision, focus, activities and output to date
  • identified key areas of opportunity to ensure communications relevance five years from now, and to establish requirements for future proofing communications activities
  • key findings, gaps in understanding, areas of opportunity, and trends backing up the observations were presented to the communications team, including their key media agencies
  • in collaboration with the team the impact of chosen areas to the planning process, communications plan, and organisation were identified, in addition to the adjustment in attitude, behaviour and organisational management required to successfully incorporate the insights and requirements into communications planning moving forward
what happened

the Marketing Director’s feedback on the process was, “It was so helpful to stretch our thinking and challenge what a Communications Long Term Plan should be about.  I’ve reiterated to the team that they have the space to push the organisation on how we should think about this Long Term Plan, and take a leap forward on how we deliver marketing. I very much appreciate the clarity in which you laid out what must be done, and the push you give to our team”

is it working

a few weeks later the team produced a fundamentally different, eye opening and inspirational Long Term Plan, and this is what the CMO had to say about the collaboration, “The team loved it and I was impressed with the output”