assessing a change management strategy for a major food company

what our client was looking to do

this fluid world was asked by our client to assess the vision of a new marketing organisation focused on achieving growth, and to identify the organisational capabilities and processes required for the company to successfully execute on the new marketing approach

what we did

the project was delivered in three phases and under tight time lines

benchmark: this fluid world conducted a detailed audit including desk research, interviews and analysis of present strategies and initiatives to assess the suitability of our client’s marketing activities with regards to the new vision in relation to the ability to:

  • continuously innovate in marketing
  • powerfully target marketing activities
  • achieve real time marketing
  • achieve brand innovation
  • increase effectiveness of campaigns

gap analysis
: we established any weaknesses or discrepancies with the plan in relation to suitability for the future and relevance in the market place, in addition to comparing the company’s actual performance with required performance for successful execution

strategic recommendation: the audit and gap analysis was combined with our deep understanding of the future of marketing to make a clear recommendation of required organisational structure and capabilities in terms of people, processes and technology to achieve the required growth. in addition the part of the plan needing adjustment to ensure success was highlighted

what happened

our client was left with a clear understanding of what is required for successful marking in the future, and a project road map on which to make strategic and investment decisions, fundamentally decreasing the risk associated with any change management initiative