change management for a major food company

what our client was looking to do

through exposure to the thinking of this fluid world, and based on our recommendation, our client recognised the need to redesign their marketing department to ensure suitability in a changing business world in terms of vision, focus, activities, output, organisational structure and management processes

what we did

over a period of 18 months this fluid world collaborated with our client on a change management initiative aimed at identifying:

  • the ideal approach for marketing in a modern world
  • our client’s version of a modern approach to marketing
  • a boardroom proof presentation aimed at ensuring buy in of the new vision, and agreement on required investment
  • the enabling structures and organisation required to support the new approach to marketing
  • the required processes and capabilities to operationalise the future of marketing, including the necessary people, organisational structure, protocols, enabling clarity and consistency around the new way of working, in addition to the appropriate technology
  • a powerful internal communications initiative to ensure clarity of vision, future expectations of the marketing organisation and impact of the changes on core functions and roles

to ensure suitability and powerful execution we used a mixture of our deep understanding of the changing business and marketing environment, internal and external audits, scenario planning exercises, gap analysis, and continuous stress testing of ideas and strategic recommendations

what happened

the project received full buy in by the board and senior stakeholders, and enjoyed overwhelming support by the marketing organisation. we are now embarking on the role out phase of the project

is it working

this is what the organisation’s CMO said about the collaboration with this fluid world “I am thrilled with this partnership. You are helping us grow into the type of organization I know we can be”