creating a business programme for senior management at a major FMCG company

what our client was looking to do

this fluid world was asked to develop a process to educate senior stakeholders on the changing business environment with the goal of creating a programme that feeds knowledge, understanding, inspiration, and action with regards to the evolving business and marketing environment

what we did

an audit was conducted to establish, among other things, the organisation’s vision and aspirations, marketing strategy, core activities and competencies across the marketing mix, KPIs and MBOs, performance to date, key industry trends and success factors, opportunities and challenges

a tailor made programme was subsequently created covering the following:

  • key characteristics of the modern business world from a sociological, technological, and commercial perspective, seen from a global view
  • major changes taking place in the marketing and consumer landscape, associated opportunities and challenges for organisations, marketers and brand management
  • organisational management in a changing world including barriers to performance and innovation, the psychology of change and successful change management, how to lead in the 21st century, and impact of changes on required skills and capabilities for success

the programme included theory, methodologies, powerful examples and case studies from around the globe, across industries, brands and disciplines

what happened

80 senior managers attended the programme and described it as:

  • including tailor made and relevant content, matched with appropriate tone of voice, language, and message, that truly resonated with senior managers
  • successfully accelerating a different way of thinking and working for positive effect
  • facilitating deep immersion of insights and recommendations from globally experienced and respected consultants