creating a senior leadership development programme for DDB Group

what DDB was looking to do

DDB was looking for an educational programme to expand senior managers minds, increase their level of understanding of the modern business and marketing world, in addition to shaping an environment where senior managers can act on the acquired knowledge

what we did

this fluid world collaborated with DDB to create a game changing leadership development programme (LDP) where 50 senior managers from five continents where brought together for three days to incase their level of understanding of:

  • the macro trends facing business and organisations
  • the fundamental shifts in the marketing environment affecting brands
  • how to create effective business and marketing strategies in the 21st century
  • ways to structure, lead and manage an organisation to ensure agility, innovation and relevance

the programme ended with powerful ideation sessions where game changing and revenue generating business initiatives were identified for immediate implementation

what happened

since the delivery of the programme the participants spent six months working on the chosen business initiatives. during this time they were supported by this fluid world to ensure success

is it working

this is what Rodrigo Leoni, CFO, DDB Brazil said abut the experience, “It is inspiring me and my team to find new ways to increase our profit margins by finding new ways of working and providing new services”, and Stacey Grier, Chief Strategic Officer, DDB San Francisco said that “They have a unique combination of being inspirational, intellectual and actionable”