developing a collaborative business model and framework for a global agency

what our client was looking to do

this fluid world was asked by the global CTO of an international agency to create a business model for an international collaborative framework, in addition to scoping out  how the framework would operate

what we did

the project included the following steps:

  • identification of signposts of the future of collaboration from a corporate and public perspective, analysis of successful collaboration methodologies and of best practice observed in competing and non-competing companies
  • scoping of implications on collaboration on the agency and potential partners
  • identification of ways of mitigating risk and maximising opportunities associated with collaboration
  • identification of various tools, platforms, and channels that could be utilised to facilitate the new venture
  • development of a high level framework for collaboration
  • advice on how to sell-in the concept to senior stakeholders and clients
what happened

the output of the project fed into the organisation’s collaboration strategy and was used to adapt the vision and execution plan for the venture