developing a commercial digital strategy for a major healthcare organisation

what the client was looking to do

our client was looking to future proof their organisation and grow revenue through a commercial digital strategy. they had already commissioned a world renowned consulting firm to create the strategy but questioned the advice given. this fluid world was asked to stress test the output of the initial project, and subsequently to develop a commercially viable digital strategy based on our informed view of the future of business and marketing

what we did

over a period of three months this fluid world:

  • conducted an analysis of key trends and competitive environment
  • assessed the potential for digital revenue streams in the identified space
  • developed a strategic recommendation based on the analysis and on our expertise and experience in the digital space, including:
  • an overview of a relevant digital offer
  • potential revenue streams backed with justification for each opportunity
  • a potential client list for each opportunity based on an assessment of the marketplace
  • scoping of a revenue model in terms of context, monetisation, and timeframes
  • identification of direct costs associated with the development of the offer
what happened

the strategy was accepted by our client and was put forward to the board for implementation