future proofing the global marketing division of a major drinks brand

what our client was looking to do

our client was looking to develop a clear vision and understanding of the future of marketing, in addition to identifying what is required from an organisation to be successful in a changing environment

what we did

this fluid world used a mixture of our deep understanding of the changing business and marketing environment, scenario planning exercises, and an internal and external audit to identify the following

  • the future of marketing in the context of our client’s business
  • the knowledge, capabilities, skills and behaviour required to be a world-class marketer moving forward
  • the gap between present skills and organisational capabilities, and those required for success

in addition, an internal eduction programme was developed for key stakeholders to ensure full understanding of the external changes affecting business and marketing, and their buy in to the newly acquired vision

what happened

the output has formed the basis of many strategic decisions around branding, investment and employee education