identifying new revenue streams for Posterscope

what Posterscope was looking to do

Posterscope was looking to explore ways in which the organisation could add value, or exploit new revenue opportunities in the retail space

what we did

Posterscope commissioned this fluid world to explore this further due to our background and experience in retail and digital. during the project we worked closely with senior management to ensure ultimate advice, and strategic fit with the organisation.

early investigation showed that looking at retail from a broader perspective would allow Posterscope to benefit from new revenue opportunities. based on this we conducted a full market analysis, and combined the findings with our extensive expertise and Posterscope’s strong capabilities.

from this analysis we identified five realistic opportunities for Posterscope, each opening up new revenue opportunities

what happened

the strategic recommendations were very well received. Glen Wilson, MD, Posterscope said, “this fluid world were good fun to work with, delivered genuinely actionable outputs, and took us to a different place, in addition to making us think differently about a problem, which is exactly what you want from a consultant” and James Davies, Director, Posterscope & CSO Posterscope USA said, “The concepts that we have ended up building on have been particularly innovative, highly based around digital, and really very much geared to the future of the communications landscape”