sense checking a business idea for the airline industry

what our client was looking to do

our client was looking to assess and sense check a business proposition they had developed within the loyalty space, prior to putting it forward to one of their major clients

what we did

this fluid world was asked to asses the proposition due to our unique perspective and understanding of the world, and our experience working with many organisations looking to capitalise on new opportunities in a chaining business environment. over the space of a month we:

  • assessed the business idea against assumptions made, suitability to the loyalty market in the future, perceived value by target group, and major commercial, sociological, and technological marketplace trends
  • challenged the validity of the idea in the context of modern day best practice

the output of the project was a strategic recommendation that challenged the existing proposition, and highlighted areas of unidentified opportunities that would significantly enhance the chance for success

what happened

the reworked proposition was presented to the ultimate client, who was eager to move forward with it into development