learning & development

this fluid world has a solid track record in designing and delivering ground-breaking learning & development programmes with the purpose of accelerating a different way of thinking and working into an organisation, ensuring a fundamental impact on its business and bottom line

What has been particularly valuable in this course is that we have absolutely been encouraged to act. For me the course certainly does not finish today, I am walking away with a solid action plan

Oliver Lynch

Managing Partner, DDB Melbourne, Senior Leadership Programme Attendee

the objective of each programme is to integrate knowledge, new techniques, skills, confidence and energy into a work force, ensuring suitability to today’s business environment

One of the benefits of this programme is that you go from awareness and inspiration, to a way to apply and execute


Integrated Brand Leader, DDB Chicago

to ensure optimal results we bring our expertise and wide experience in business, marketing, communications, organisational management and the development of educational programmes to the creation and delivery of each programme

this fluid world is also the chosen partner of major academic institutions in the development and delivery of executive business, leadership and management programmes. these courses are attended by senior decision makers from across the globe ensuring powerful cross fertilisation of learning between industries, brands, functions, disciplines and cultures

Liri Andersson is able to address the topic of the changing business environment and its impact on business and organisations in the following unique ways: She has excellent experience as a consultant and advisor to leading companies in the world – which gives her a professional and knowledge base that is state of the art. Liri combines this with a taste and curiosity for teaching and learning that makes her an excellent teacher.  On a topic that is complex, foggy, and emerging – she provides simple and profound insights, where she is able to clear some of the fog away, and where she must be one of the leading providers today

Ludo Van Der Heyden

Mubadala Professor of Corporate Governance and Strategy, INSEAD

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