this fluid world’s experience in advising organisations on strategy spans across nations, industries, brands, business problems, functions, and disciplines

we add value to an organisation’s strategic process in many ways with the goal always being to create solutions that ensure continuous relevance, superior performance, a competitive advantage and commercial success in a changing business environment

We’ve seen a lot of thought leaders and coaches on how technology has changed consumer behavior & expectations from companies & brands. However, until we met this fluid world we had not seen a partner that could help us figure out the HOW. this fluid world can help you understand WHAT is needed and have the expertise on HOW to do it

Brad Hiranaga

Senior Marketing Manager, General Mills

working with this fluid world has been described as a unique experience as the strategic advice given is not simply transferred from us, but is created during a process of active collaboration. this approach has proven to spread understanding and accountability throughout the organisation, facilitating action, results, change and long-term effect

this fluid world delivered genuinely actionable outputs, and took us to a different place, in addition to making us think differently about a problem, which is exactly what you want from a consultant

Glen Wilson

MD, Posterscope

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