fluid business coaching

why fluid business coaching

organisations require exceptional leaders to thrive in uncertainty. liri andersson, founder of this fluid world, works one-on-one with leaders to help them transition from business success in a familiar world, to business relevance in a fluid reality

what makes fluid business coaching so powerful?

liri’s background, her deep understanding of business and leadership, combined with her empathy, passion, energy and curiosity, enrich her powerful approach to business coaching

the business coaching experience is fully customised, shaped around the needs of the individual leader and the organisation they work for. a dedicated programme is built on developing the necessary understanding, capabilities and skills to thrive as a leader in an uncertain world

who benefits from fluid business coaching?

fluid business coaching is a unique experience for a leader who is looking for relevance by embracing change, finding the opportunities in uncertainty, creating value through a different way of looking at the world, and developing tools, solutions, projects and goals