Thank you for your partnership with CPW. We are a better organisation for having known you

Dana McNabb

CMO, Cereal Partners Worldwide, a General Mills and Nestlé partnership

this fluid world is a boutique business and marketing consultancy with over half a decade’s experience in assisting global brands with the necessary transition caused by the changes in the business environment

what makes us different? our clients have told us that the reason for choosing this fluid world is our proven track record, our deep understanding of business and our unique ability to contextualise and operationalise the future

below is a list of some of the clients we have had the pleasure of assisting recently

we collaborate with our clients in one or more of the following ways:

  1. learning & development: enabling clarity and understanding of the evolving external environment and its impact of business and organisations for powerful and effective decision making
  2. strategy: enabling the development of relevant strategies that resonate in a constantly changing marketplace for increased organisational and commercial benefit
  3. organisational design & management: enabling suitability in organisational structure, company processes, and management principles for agile, innovative and relevant organisations

We’ve seen a lot of thought leaders and coaches on how technology has changed consumer behavior & expectations from companies & brands. However, until we met this fluid world we had not seen a partner that could help us figure out the HOW. this fluid world can help you understand WHAT is needed and have the expertise on HOW to do it

Brad Hiranaga

Senior Marketing Manager, General Mills