fluid business education

why a fluid business programme?

fluid business education provides a unique opportunity for your people to foster the understanding and mind-set needed to make pertinent decisions, develop relevant strategies and facilitate the necessary change to reach business objectives

today’s business world is undergoing a shift not seen since the second industrial revolution. whatever challenges this raises for you and your organisation – identifying the changing course of competition and what drives the customer experience; determining how to achieve sustainable growth, improve efficiency and boost revenues; or ascertaining the right competencies to stay ahead – your success depends on the relevant understanding by your people

within your organisation, the fluid business programme:

  • enables a solid understanding of the most disruptive changes within the context of your industry, organisation and function
  • establishes a common base-level of awareness and understanding of modern world business throughout the company, function and/or team
  • accelerates a different way of understanding, analysing and working, and highlights required skills and helpful techniques for positive effect

the fluid business programme combines lecturing with interactive discussion and exercises. concepts and case studies are illustrated with examples that are pertinent to the audience, from across regions, industries, brands, functions and business challenges. the process allows participants to internalise the knowledge, and consider the impact of change on their business, decision making and strategy development


who has benefitted from fluid business programmes?

over 40 Fortune 500 companies

liri andersson has guided over 40 Fortune 500 companies through this fluid world’s tailored educational programmes, as well as her collaboration with INSEAD’s executive business programme and other leading educational institutions

“Liri Andersson is able to address the topic of the changing business environment and its impact on business and organisations in the following unique ways: Liri has excellent experience as a consultant and advisor to leading companies in the world – which gives her a professional and knowledge base that is state of the art. Liri combines this with a taste and curiosity for teaching and learning that makes her an excellent teacher. On a topic that is complex, foggy, and emerging, she provides simple and profound insights, where she is able to clear some of the fog away, and where she must be one of the leading providers today.”

Ludo Van der Heyden, Professor of Technology, Operations Management & Strategy at INSEAD

find out how companies describe the experience of a fluid business programme, in this short video

fluid business keynotes

empowering people to think and act differently, through exposure to tailored, insightful and inspiring keynotes, for maximum awareness and impact

fluid business education

creating clarity and understanding of the evolving business environment and commercial realities, for effective decision making and planning

fluid business consulting

enabling the development of relevant strategies that resonate in a constantly changing marketplace, for increased organisational and commercial benefit