fluid business keynotes

why a fluid keynote?

fluid keynotes provide a unique opportunity to raise your people’s awareness in an inspiring way, motivating them to affect positive change

what makes a fluid keynote stand out?

no two fluid keynotes are the same. each takes the audience through a journey filled with clarity and insights. your people gain new perspectives and fresh solutions to the business challenges and opportunities they face

liri andersson is a generous and passionate public speaker. she invests time in analysing your industry, company, issues and audience. the concepts covered are relevant, and illustrated with powerful examples from across regions, industries, brands, functions and disciplines

each keynote is enriched by liri’s broad understanding of 21st century business, and her extensive experience helping global brands develop relevant strategies and solutions that contribute to their success in a shifting business environment

who has benefitted from fluid keynotes?

to name just a few: Google, L’Oréal, Adidas, Danone, Chanel, Nestlé, Crédit Agricole, Total, Bundesliga, Hermes Logistics

liri has designed and delivered tailored corporate keynotes for organisations across industries, functions and business problems

find out how companies describe the experience of a keynote by liri andersson, in this short video

fluid business keynotes

empowering people to think and act differently, through exposure to tailored, insightful and inspiring keynotes, for maximum awareness and impact

fluid business education

creating clarity and understanding of the evolving business environment and commercial realities, for effective decision making and planning

fluid business consulting

enabling the development of relevant strategies that resonate in a constantly changing marketplace, for increased organisational and commercial benefit